About Chiropractic

At Northern Beaches Spine Care, people come to see us for a variety of reasons.

  • Immediate pain relief from an acute condition

  • Help in correcting a long term spinal problem

  • Lack of joint function and mobility

  • A long term desire to attain better health

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the systematic analysis and care of your spine and frame to optimise your nervous system. Our modern lives put many stresses on our bodies. Long periods of sitting at desks, craning our necks at mobile devices, repetitive movements and playing sports can cause misalignments/restrictions in our spine and/or peripheral joints.

Our spines carry signals/messages from the brain to all parts of the body and messages from all over the body back to the brain.

It is easy to see how a problem in one part of the body can affect another part of the body, particularly if the problem happens to be in the spine.

At Northern Beaches Spine Care we will analyse and discover the stresses in your body. Through a planned chiropractic treatment plan, we will gently bring your body back into balance.


What benefits can you expect

Certain outcome measures will be evaluated and monitored in your case. We only take on cases that we are confident that we can help. As a result you’ll most likely notice relative improvement as you progress through care. Depending on the problem you are experiencing, you may also see reduced inflammation, swelling and pain reduction.

You may also notice your body improve in other ways. We encourage you to share these improvements with us as you progress through your care.