Upper Cervical Care

Dr George is diving even deeper and expanding his knowledge further into the upper cervical region of the spine. That is the importance of neck function and how Chiropractic can help.
Chiropractic is amazing and yields fantastic results for people. It is arguable that the upper cervical region is the most important region of the entire body. Thus making sure that is structurally normal and the neck is functioning appropriately is crucial!
Underneath the C1/C2 vertebra lies the brain stem!
What does the brain stem control?
EVERYTHING you don’t have to think about plus it super highway that connects all the nerve messages going out into the body and all the nerve messages coming back into the brain pass through here in numerous ways.
Functions like balance, blood pressure, eye movements, breathing, facial sensations, hearing, heart rhythms, swallowing plus 10 out of the 12 cranial nerves originate here.
Simply, misalignments in C1/C2 can pull on internal ligaments that can interfere with spinal cord function. Plus it changes the entire structural balance of all the ligaments and muscles in the area.
But I’m not in pain?
Pain is not a reliable indicator of the function of your body. It is about 10% of your sensory nervous system – that leaves 90% of other information to assess. Plus it is usually the last thing to appear in a dysfunctional body.
Maybe problems you are experiencing are not a result of lack of drugs or stretching or water or anything like that.
We can check and assess your C1/C2 neck function and entire spine to understand the cause of your problems. If we can help we will recommend what is best and start with Chiropractic adjustments that can help improve neck function.
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