What’s The Truth Behind Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy? A Few Facts

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time for mothers but it also comes with several inconveniences and pains that make it difficult. Thanks to all the bodily changes that are happening, a mother might be subject to pain and potential spine misalignment. This is due to several factors such as the extra weight your body has to support and the weakening of several key muscles.

There are therapeutic ways of dealing with these kinds of pregnancy troubles and chiropractic care is one of them. Through the skills and expertise of a reliable chiropractor, you may be able to find relief from all the back pain.

We’ll be going through some of the benefits that you may not know when it comes to Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy. Keep reading and we’ll also look over other uses of Chiropractic Care and how it can help you with labor.

Chiropractors And Pregnancy Care

First, it’s important to know that having sessions with your chiropractor is mostly safe for you even during your pregnancy. It’s a great choice as chiropractic care doesn’t involve any form of invasive procedure or drugs to have any sort of effect. The main goal of these treatments is to reduce the stress on your spinal column and correct any changes to your posture.

However, there are certain cases where a pregnant patient might not be approved for a session with their chiropractor. Patients experiencing any form of toxemia, vaginal bleeding, and other serious afflictions aren’t recommended for any form of chiropractic care. Make sure to refer to your doctor before scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor.

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Now, there are many ways that chiropractic care can impact your experience during pregnancy. The increased weight that your body has to handle oftentimes causes pain in the pelvic region. Chiropractors can manipulate the spine and work on muscle groups to encourage stability and health throughout the region. Pain relief should be felt a few days afterward.

It could also help with sensations of nausea caused by the production of HCG. Known as the “Pregnancy Hormone”, it is produced only in the presence of a fertilized egg and only when it has attached to the lining of the uterus. Nausea could also be caused by stress or fatigue from the weight of your baby and all the bodily changes you’re experiencing.

Lastly, a professional chiropractor can help you regain pelvic balance. This brings a load of benefits as a balanced pelvis allows for more space for your baby to grow and lowers the risk for birth defects. It also helps during labor as a balanced pelvis allows for your baby to move into the proper position, preventing cases of sub-optimal birthing positions. This might save you the experience of a longer and more painful delivery in the long run.

Northern Beaches Spine Care: Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy

If you’re interested in availing of chiropractic care during pregnancy or the services of a chiropractor after pregnancy, then you’ll be glad to know of Northern Beaches Spine Care. Our team of Chiropractors and Health Professionals is dedicated to giving you nothing but the best health care options. We make use of a systemic approach to tackling your health problems, creating a specialized treatment plan that ensures your full recovery.

Our company treats several issues such as Disc Injuries and Athletic Injuries. Our chiropractors also help with Pregnancy cases before, during, and after labor. We aim to help our patients by helping to alleviate the pressure and tension felt on the back and shoulders. Our methods also help to improve the immunity of our pregnant patients and also helps their body adapt to the hormonal and physical changes that they might experience.

We’re open from Monday to Saturday so make sure to call us ahead of time to schedule your next appointment with an expert chiropractor. With your doctor’s recommendation, we highly encourage you to meet with us and plan out your chiropractic care options for your pregnancy!

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