Back Pain

Back Pain

A number of conditions can manifest as back pain, which may relate to the bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue, and the nerves. Back pain can be disabling and is a significant cause for loss of productivity as one of the leading causes of the disease burden in Australia, with 4 million Australians presenting with back problems in 2017-18 and 181,000 of those leading to hospitalization. Among those with back problems, 38% reported that it moderately interfered with their daily activities, and chronic back pain can have a strong negative impact on quality of life and a person’s ability to engage in work, family and social activities. Back pain can be acute, lasting for a few days, or chronic, lasting for months or longer.

Chronic back pain occurs in 20% of people that present with back pain. Back pain can occur when doing simple everyday activities, such as cleaning the home or picking up a child, and is one of the most common causes for days off of work. The pain can intensify over time, so it is best to address it early and take steps towards correcting the problem.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Research has found that including chiropractic care in the treatment of lower back pain tended to result in the benefits of decreased back pain intensity and physical disability, with no serious adverse events.

Back Pain Chiropractic care aims to help with back pain by:

  • Reducing tension in muscles
  • Increasing the range of motion for the joints of the back
  • Increasing back strength and flexibility in the muscles of the back
  • Releasing pressure on the nerves of the back
  • Correcting joint misalignments