Research in the US has found that 40% of adults experience dizziness or vertigo at some stage in their life and that it is among the most common health concerns, including the increased risk of falls. The neck plays an important role in the stability of the body. In some cases ongoing irritation of the neck may affect the body’s sense of where it is in space and can result in dizziness. Other causes may include inner ear conditions, toxic conditions, blood pressure, illness and psychological factors. Dizziness may also often be caused by whiplash or other head or neck injuries, spondylosis or cervical arthritis.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Research suggests that people who seek chiropractic care for dizziness are very likely to report that it has helped their condition.

Chiropractic care for dizziness aims to help with dizziness by:

  • Spinal manipulation and mobilization
  • Relief from irritation in the head and neck caused by dizziness
  • Postural correction