Pregnancy may introduce a number of physical challenges. One of these can be headaches, which can be quite persistent due to hormonal changes, dehydration and fatigue. Another may be lower back pain resulting from the weight gain associated with the growing baby, particularly when good posture is not maintained. Discomfort in the pelvis and hips is also commonly experienced with the introduction of the relaxant hormone that allows greater mobility of the joints. Lower back and pelvic pain may be experienced by up to 90% of women during their pregnancy because of these physical changes that take place in their bodies.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy aims to help women during pregnancy by:

● Providing relief to pain and tension in the back, neck and shoulders
● Assisting to maintain smooth movement in the pelvis and sacrum during the pregnancy as well as for labour and birth
● Improvement in the safety and time of labour and delivery
● Support the immune system of both mother and baby
● Help the body adapt to the changes that occur during pregnancy


● Is it safe to be adjusted during pregnancy?
Yes, chiropractic techniques are safe and can be very beneficial during pregnancy.

● Can I go to a chiropractor during my first trimester?
Yes! Women can often experience quite intense aches and pains during the first trimester and find chiropractic care very helpful.

● How often should I see my chiropractor during pregnancy?
That depends on a number of factors, such as how far along you are, if you have been receiving chiropractic care prior to pregnancy, what has shown up in your initial exam, and what you feel like you need. It may be as much as several times per week or as little as every fortnight or month. Your chiropractor will be able to help determine how often it will be most beneficial.

● Can chiropractic induce labour?
Chiropractic may not directly induce labour, but there are techniques that stimulate channels and pathways in the body that help prepare the body for labour and may help things to feel and move better. This may help your body and baby to feel ready when the time is right.

● Do I need to tell the chiropractor if I am pregnant?
Yes, it is an important thing that we need to know as the techniques used may need to be modified depending on you and your body.

● Why does my back crack so much during pregnancy?
The relaxant in your body during pregnancy that allows the joints to soften and loosen ready for birthing can allow more mobility through the joints so that the tension in those joints is decreased and the body adjusts and releases more readily. This is quite normal, although not all women experience this. In some cases, certain factors create an increase in tension.