Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Problems with the shoulder can affect functioning in many aspects of life, such as working, driving a car, or even getting dressed. There are many causes of shoulder pain, such as injury, strain from physical exertion, and postural demands from various daily activities like sitting in front of a computer. It can also be related to pain in the neck or back. The shoulder joint is prone to pain and injury because it is one of the most mobile joints, movement in many different ways, but the joint itself has a very small surface area which makes it less stable.

A study conducted in NSW found that 12% of visits to chiropractic clinics involved the presentation of shoulder pain symptoms, and the leading cause being overuse. Some of the main diagnoses included shoulder impingement syndrome, tendinosis, and subluxation.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Shoulder pain is usually treated by joint manipulation, soft tissue strategies, and rehabilitation strategies with a main focus on rotator cuff strengthening. One case study involved the treatment of severe chronic shoulder pain, which included adhesive capsulitis and nearly complete joint immobility, with no relief obtained through analgesics or physical therapy. This significantly restricted participation in daily activities. The chiropractic treatment involved adjustments to the shoulder joint and to the cervicothoracic spine, and successful resolution of the presenting problem was achieved.

Chiropractic care for shoulder pain aims to help with shoulder pain by:

  • Restoring movement to the shoulder
  • Correct misalignments and posture
  • Improve nervous input in and through the shoulder
  • Release tension and strengthen the shoulder